Quilt photography workshop






Plum and June organiza un workshop de fotografía de quilts… así que me uno a la diversión 🙂 Mis fotos normalmente son muy malas – acá en Ushuaia es difícil obtener buena luz solar y en casa es peor aún. Casi nunca se puede tomar fotos afuera – hay demasiado viento y frío. Así que este es mi intento 🙂 me gustaría saber cómo editarlas – simplemente tomé algunas fotos con mi point and shoot y este es el resultado.


Plum and June is hosting a quilt photography workshop so I’m joining the fun 🙂 My pictures are usually terrible – here in Ushuaia it’s hard to have good natural light and at home it’s even worse. Taking pics outside is almost never an option – it’s too windy and cold. So… this is my best shot 🙂 I’d really like to know how to edit them – I just took them with my point and shoot and this is the result.



IMG_0688 IMG_0684 IMG_0681 IMG_0678




  1. Hello Aakainik! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such kind compliments. I agree that taking pictures outside is not always possible due to the weather. Your stack of fabric does look very pretty! I would like to try experimenting with taking photos at different angles and using props in my photos. This link up has been a great learning experience already!

  2. Yes I would take the photographs in different positions and see how they look. They are very pretty, sometimes if you move them around you find they look even prettier!
    I’m living proof!

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